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Dine In Menu


Spicy Edamame


Warm edamame. House made chili oil

Appetizer Trio


Chef's choice of 3 different appetizers

Homemade Kimchi


Napa cabbage pickles. Seafood umami infused

Japanese "Radish" Pickles


Mountain yam pickle with sour plum, honey and kimchi paste

Sauteed Shimeji Mushroom


Sauteed shimeji, garlic soy sauce

Renkon Lotus Chips


Lotus root. Seaweed powder


House Salad


Mix greens, ginger dressing, tomato, baby sprout

Choregi Salad


Sunny lettuce, sesame oil dressing, korean seaweed

Wrapping Lettuce


Sunny lettuce to wrap meats, spicy miso paste aside

A La Carte

Shinshu Wagyu Nigiri


Shinshu wagyu sushi. Torched at the table. 2pc/order

Jidori Chicken Karaage


Local chicken. Side of gochujang mayonnaise sauce

Beef Miso Fried Potato


Fried potato. Mayo sour cream. Wagyu beef miso paste

Miso Glazed Eggplant


Fried eggplant. Miso sauce. Bonito flakes

Spicy Fried Shishito Pepper


Deep fried shishito. Spicy gochujang sauce

Rice, Noodle & Soup

Wagyu Garlic Fried Rice


Wagyu meat, garlic, egg and mushroom

Garlic Noodle


Thick ramen noodle, garlic, scallion, mushroom

Wagyu Oxtail Soup


Beef broth, oxtail, daikon, carrot (+$2.50 for Udon)

White Rice



Shinshu Premium Wagyu from Japan

Yakishabu Ribeye


Our Signature Cut. Two large slices. Served with golden egg yolk sauce



Ultimate luxury of buttery flavor. Recommended to eat with wasabi and yuzu kosho

Premium Kalbi


Everyone's favorite. Tender meat texture of meat and sweetness of fat

Limited Cuts

Limited quantity available



Fine-grained meat texture and elegant sweetness of quality fat



Best parts of our kalbi. Great balance of marble and red meat



Juicy meaty cuts and relatively leaner. Recommended for red meat lovers

American Wagyu

Thick Cut Beef Tongue


Thick cut tongue bottom. Served with green onion sauce

Outside Skirt - Harami


Fine grained and as soft as kalbi with less fat

Pot Marinated Inside Skirt


Marinated with ginger & garlic miso sauce to make skirt steak even more tender

Tecchan Large Intestine


Good combination of wagyu fat and our special miso sauce

US Prime & Angus Beef

Angus Beef Tongue


Thin slices beef tongue. Served with green onion sauce

Ootoro Kalbi


The finest marbling parts of prime short rib

Shiodare Prime Kalbi


Prime kalbi with umami salt


Pork Belly


Thinner cuts. Recommended to order side of wrapping lettuce

Marinated Pork Cheek Ton Toro


Marinated with special jalapeno sauce



Japanese style sausage


Assorted Vegetables


Happy Hour

Everyday 8:30pm – Close

Happy Hour Special

Pick 1 Drink

Sapporo Pitcher (60oz) or Chu-Hi Pitcher (50oz)

Chu-Hi flavors: Peach, Lychee, Grape, Calpico, Oolong Tea


Pick 3 Food

Chicken Meatball Skewers

Spicy Fried Shishito

Jidori Karaage

Wagyu French Fries

Kalbi Karaage

Lotus Chips

Spicy Edamame

Homemade Kimchi

Tempura Shrimp



Spicy Edamame

Homemade Kimchi

Lotus Chips


Wagyu French Fries

Jidori Karaage


Kalbi Katsu

Chicken Meatball Skewers

Tempura Shrimp


Carbonara Udon

American Slider

Kalbi Katsu Slider

Bento Box Take Out

Shinshu Wagyu A5 Yakiniku Bento


Wagyu sirloin, rice, side dish, miso soup and salad

Premium Wagyu Gyutan Bento


Thin sliced beef tongue, rice, side dish, miso soup and salad

Gyutan Bento


Thin sliced beef tongue, rice, side dish, miso soup and salad

Harami Bento


Skirt steak, rice, side dish, miso soup and salad

Nasa Dengaku Bento (Vegetarian)


Miso glazed tofu and eggplant, rice, side dish, miso soup

**Discounts available on bulk orders. Call or email for more information!

Beer / Cocktails / Soft Drinks


More options available. Ask Server

Sapporo Draft

Glass $6.5 / Pitcher $22.5

Suntory Premium Malt Draft

Glass $9

Kirin Ichiban

Large Bottle $8


“Shochu Highball” is a traditional mixed drink made with shochu, carbonated water with flavor options

Peach / Lychee / Grape


Oolong / Green Tea



Please ask our servers about the current selection



$9 / $50


$8 / $45

Hitotsubo No Mugi

$7 / $40

Tomino Hozan

$9 / $56

Fruit Liquor

Choya Plum Wine

Glass $7

Widely known fruit liquor in Japan. Mild sweetness of plum. Can be enjoyed with ice and/or club soda

Nihon Sakari Yuzu Sake

Glass $9.5

Used junmai ginjo sake and the selected yuzu only from Kouchi and Kagoshima. Refined umami of sake and fresh yuzu sweetness and sourness

Soft Drink

Sparkling Black Tea


Peach or unsweetened

Coke / Diet Coke / Sprite


Iced Green Tea / Oolong Tea


Sake / Nigori


Oze No Yukidoke ( Gunma)

Glass $9 / 1.8L $110

Super dry, full body and good acidity. For those who are looking for a sharp and clear finish

Amabuki Banana (Saga)

Glass $10 / 720ml $55

Rich and mellow unpasteurized sake with a hint of bitterness toward the end. Amplifies the umami of meat

Naruto Tai (Tokushima)

Glass $12 / 720ml $65

Juicy unpasteurized sake. Complexity of dryness, acidity and fruitiness

Hitakami Sukeroku (Miyagi)

Glass $12 / 720ml $65

Commonly enjoyed with sushi. Soft and elegant rice sweetness. Smooth enough for a sake beginner. Recommended to pair with our wagyu nigiri

Daina Kimoto Junmai (Tochigi)

Glass $13 / 720ml $70

Hints of green apple and almost creamy Kimoto style sake. Used as in-flight sake for ANA. Combination of deep umami and crisp finish

Emishiki Sensation White (Shiga)

Glass $12 / 720ml $65

Gentle sweetness and acid of the fruit almost gives the impression of crisp summer riesling. Good gateway to sake experiences for sake newbies

Nanbu Bijin Shinpaku (Iwate)

Glass $16 / 720ml $86

The sequence of gorgeous aroma, strong body and umami, and gentle crisp finish. Perfect to accompany with our Shinshu Wagyu


Senkin Nigori Snow Man

300ml $25

Natural-carbonated unfiltered sake. Fresh sweetness of yogurt and silky texture with aroma of pear